Are Wigan About to Kick into Action?

SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 26: Franco Di Santo (2nd R) of Wigan celebrates with team-mates David Jones (L) and James McArthur (R) after scoring the winning goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Sunderland and Wigan Athletic at Stadium of Light on November 26, 2011 in Sunderland, England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)
Well it has been long overdue for Wigan to kick into gear and start to string some good results together. We have seen plenty of good performances the past few months, yet now as we come into a tough run of fixtures, the team decides to start playing well. But will it last long?

Since Martinez has arrived we have always been a more open side. We have not always been the most lively and sometimes look like we have lacked the commitment, I think especially recently it was getting to the players that their performances were not gaining points. Yet since Roberto has been in charge, we have done well against the ‘bigger sides’.

Okay so there have been some big tonking by the likes of Tottenham (9-1) and Chelsea (8-1). But we have managed to draw and beat Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham. Manchester United remains the only top six side we have yet to beat in the Premier League. I may be right in saying this, but I think they are the only side currently in the Premier League that we haven’t won against.

So what has changed for the players to get going? Well the coaching staff and Martinez went and changed it all up. For many fans we have been crying out for him to change tactics switch players round and make them think about playing, and it has worked.

We seemed to have adopted this new 5-2-3 formation or 3-4-2 depending how you look at it. It appears like it will work well for us, giving us more stability in the middle of our defence, while allowing Moses and Gomez (who since coming back into the side has been top notch) to roam freely up front and play off Connor Sammon.

The team will only get stronger once, Emmerson Boyce and Antolin Alcaraz return. Both players for me should slip in alongside Gary Caldwell, allowing Figeroua to go play in the left wing back position. Interesting times lie ahead for Wigan, in the team that could be featuring for us.

Not many, me included, would ever think we would see the day when we played with three centre backs.

So can we carry this run on?

Well in December alone we face four of the best teams in England, in Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. While there are also tough away day trips to West Bromwich and Stoke City, if I were to pick a group of games that I wouldn’t want to play together. This would be very near the top of my list.

On paper there are only two games we look like picking points up from. Yet this season, nothing has gone to schedule like that. So for all I know we could win every match and be home and dry. I don’t think it will be that simple though.

One thing is a more or less a fact in the Premier League. The bottom club at Christmas always goes down, only one club in its history have defied those odds. If that were to be us, could we pull ourselves up and into another year in the Premier League?

For now that is only a deep dark thought. Still plenty more football time to be played (2250 minutes), and anything is possible.

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