Opinionated Wiganers: The Next Manager Should Be.....

Richard Heathcote

Our writers give their views on who should be the next manager of our club. (I would like to point out that this was pre-Uwe Rosler talks, still makes interesting reading)

With Owen Coyle gone Dave Whelan can't have another holiday till he has a new man in the Wigan hotseat. I think it looks very obvious the man that he wants to lead the club, but as it is there is no certainties that Uwe Rosler will be the new Wigan manager. So who do our writers think will be a good shout to be our new manager?

Jason Naylor (BenWatsonisgod)

I think Mike Phelan should get the job because he was assistant manager at United for five years so he can’t be all that bad. Plus Dave is a mate of Fergies so he can get a lot of info about him that he probably can’t get about Holloway. I have also heard that maybe Fergie will be able to pull some strings and get Scholes to be assistant manager to Phelan. If so, this will raise the profile of Wigan Athletic and would be the start of an exciting time for the club.

Anthony Pilling

I think I would like Holloway in, he is proven at what Whelan wants, Promotion. He's a good manager who has very attractive styles and adopts good philosophies to the game. He is a very bubbly character although I have heard off the the Blackpool club liason that he is a very serious and strict character. I think he could definitely get us back up to the Premier League but is he the man to sustain our campaign in the top flight? Past records say no. Phelan is a very respectable and worthy candidate but I think Whelan could be playing it risky. It would be his first job in management but he has to be a serious contender and someone to be pleased of appointing being second man to the SAF, he has to be good but it's wondering how much he did as Fergie's assistant? And how much he influenced the team. I would be very pleased with either being appointed but Holloway would be my preferred choice.

Adam Ralphson (AdamRalfie)

For the new manager I think Mike Phelen is a really good choice. The guy has a lot of good experience learning under the best and I think could work out to be another brilliant manager given time. There were rumours Fergie was grooming him for succession as well but I believe he didn't think he was quite ready in the end. Ian Holloway is interesting, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about him. Palace haven't been great this season and he was recently sacked because of it so do we really want someone like that? Zola would be a good choice I think, as would Di Matteo but it's very unlikely he'd join us.

Interesting reading! It appears now that we will never get to know how Mike Phelan or Ian Holloway would have performed as managers of this club. Both for me have very good shouts to be the coach, and if like Jason said Paul Scholes could have come in with Mike Phelan it would have been a very good move by the club.

As it is Uwe Rosler looks like the man in pole position. But who would you like to see manage the club?

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