24 Hours to Decide Roberto Martinez's Future

Chris Brunskill

The manager has given the world of football a 24 hour window to decide his future for next season. There are three positions in England that he could go to, and also the Malaga role in Spain. Will he leave? I feel in my heart that he will, and with that I feel that Wigan could crumble.

There are Roberto Martinez's critics a lot of them wonder what everyone else is talking about. Look at Wigan we have just been relegated and why would any club look at Roberto and want him. If these were true football people and actually knew anything about Wigan they would see the enormity of just what he has done to this football club.

Martinez came to a team laden with wraiths and strays thanks to Steve Bruce. The same has now happened up at Sunderland with Palo Di Canio no cleaning up his second mess. Under Martinez the first two season's saw us slash our wage bill bring in a host of youth players and cheap bargains, while bringing in a new ethos.

Roberto said three years and we would be playing the football he wanted at the level he wanted. That was questionable, when we turned it on we are by far one of the best footballing side in the world. Yet defensively we have always been too frail, then this season we have had a group of string defenders only for them not all to feature together.

Instead we have had a difference defence every month this season, and that can't happen if you want to do well on the pitch. Yet even so Martinez has guided this club to its first ever major honour.

Off the pitch we have balanced the books, and have plans to build a youth academy and training ground to be on par with the top teams in the country. Currently we have a training ground that most Championship teams would laugh at, yet with Martinez's guidance Dave Whelan has dipped into the bank and is in the process of upgrading this club.

Roberto Martinez hasn't just been the manager for this football club, he had been a leader of everyone and is pulling us into a self-sustained future where we can produce talent of our own.

With that in mind you can see why teams want him. Produce lovely flowing passing football on a cheap budget and able to win trophies. The question is though where would he go?

The one that looks most likely is Everton. It is the only football club that I could see him going to. Rumours of Stoke City are just that, while links to Manchester City as an assistant coach to the impending arrival of Manuel Pellegrini are also pure rubbish.

Yet the job at Malaga could pull Martinez away. If he went their, Martinez would have to work under a tight budget to be able to balance against financial fair play, while aiming for a Champions League spot. The Malaga owners have a few millions to splash and it could be the move that Martinez has been looking for.

Yet much like going to Chelsea or Manchester City I feel the job could be a poisoned chalice.

His fate is in his own hands. Martinez has a couple more years to run on his contract, yet Dave Whelan would never stand in the way of the Spaniard. I hope their meeting will be fruitful and that we keep our manager, with him at the helm I feel that we can come back, and come back stronger.

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