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Latics 0-0 Tottenham

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Is your glass half full, or half empty? Depending how you look on life, will depend how you saw today's game. On the one hand you could say, what a great result it is, seeing as Tottenham are having another amazing season. However on the other you could say, how have we managed yet again to throw away another three points? Well not score in today's case.

The answer to that question has to be going through many a Wigan fan's mind tonight. The team is playing great football and is getting closer to that hard-working entertaining style that Martinez craves. However it doesn't help that no-one can place the ball into the back of the net.

So to the action today. There really isn't much to mention in terms of action on close misses or great saves, till you get to the second half. Both teams had reasonably the same amount of possession, and both teams never found that clinical edge to break the others defence down. Although we came close. Gomez didn't have many close calls in terms of our shots, and Ali only really had one save to make.

The most of the drama was played out in some great passing and moving, with some great defensive play. The one chance that Latics got to break down Tottenham, was pulled back by the referee, after Rodallega went over the top, before either fouling Bassong or handling the ball. Which watching the game later will tell.

Second half, and it wasn't until the introduction of Connor Sammon did we get a shot on goal. A great run through Tottenham's defence, and a very weak effort from Sammon, who was off-balance.

At the other end, we had to deal with a very tall Peter Crouch. Who's main contribution to the game, was a header straight at Ali. We got lucky though, when a Modric cross went past everyone straight across goal.

Late on we pressed Tottenham, first a Sammon cross was inches from being converted by Di Santo, who slide in only to just miss the ball. While a last-minute Watson free-kick skimmed the top of the cross-bar, meaning the points were shared.

When it comes down to it, the game was very entertaining and would have been good to watch as a neutral. But it doesn't have the same effect when you team is at the bottom of the league and desperately needed the three points.

There was a lot of positives to be taken from the game. We kept a clean sheet, our defence dare I say it looked good. creatively we have no problems, we have a great range of passing and can open teams up at will at times. The main problem has been and continues to be so, our finishing touch.

Now no-one had a real chance today, but when you need points, even half chances have to be converted. One goal by either Sammon or Di Santo may start them on a scoring spree, lets hope so.

The next three games are all away and all very crucial. Playing Chelsea, Blackpool and Sunderland on the bounce will be tough. Yet playing like we can and have done, plus some lady luck, and we may come out the other side with a lot better league position.

Come on Latics, three points at Stamford Bridge.