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The Fight for Survival

With only five game to go, that fifteen points to play for, I decided to take a quick look at the teams we have to face. What can we expect, what has happened before, and what games are the must win '6-pointers'. With only three points separating 20th from 16th everything single point we can gain is going to be a big one.

Sunderland (Away 23rd April)

Next weekend we face Steve Bruce's Sunderland. Their recent form has been appalling, since beating Blackpool 2-1 in January, they have only picked up one point from a possible 27. This has seen them slide into 16th place in the table.

Their down fall has fallen with the lost of Darren Bent. But that is not the total reason for Sunderland's lack of points. Defensively they have been very poor in recent weeks. Is this the right time to be playing Sunderland? You know what they say about an injured tiger, will the black cats fight back.

My Prediction: Latics 2-1 Sunderland

Everton (Home, 30th April)

Wigan's second to last home game, couldn't be a harder fixture. The toffees in complete opposite to Sunderland, are on the sharp rise up the league. Their last defeat in the league was away against Arsenal, where they lost 1-0.

This will be a tough encounter and one that Wigan will have to be up for if we want to get anything out of it. The hope is our lads will still have the drive and go out and get another three points. Personally I think it will be a very close affair given our home advantage and Everton may even shade a win.

My Prediction: Latics 1-1 Everton

Aston Villa (Away, 7th May)

Aston Villa have had a very mixed season all in all. straight from the start though it have been a season to forget for many a Villa fan. However have a recent good run of results, and a certain Darren Bent starting to get himself on the score sheet, Villa have risen from the lower half of the table to 9th. It just shows how a good few results can change your season and in reality see you safe.

By the time this game come around, Villa could well and truly be safe and not really playing for anything. Which could mean we have more motivation for the result. I could see this game going either way depending on how both teams are playing.

My Prediction: Latics 0-1 Aston Villa

West Ham United (Home, 14th May)

Been up and down the league all season, and at numerous points have looked like they would pull clear. But it have gotten to the stage where West Ham look to be running out of ideas and time. Lost three on the bounce currently. And by the time they play us they could desperately need the points, with their next games being Chelsea, Man City and Blackburn.

This being out last home game of the season. I hope the lads do us proud and show us how well they can play when they are on top of their game. This could be the tie though that both teams have to win and hopefully our home advantage will give us the edge to go on and take all three points.

My Prediction: Latics 2-0 West Ham

Stoke City (Away 22nd May)

The Last game of the season is away at Stoke. If it come down to the wire, this will be a very tough game for Wigan. But we have been there before when we played Sheffield United. However only Boyce and Pollitt remain from that valiant squad.

The week before this tie, Stoke will play Man City in the FA Cup final. Which is for us a bad thing. If it had been after this tie, we may have seen some of Stokes big guns rested and given us a chance to secure all three points. But with the game before, it gives us no advantage. Hopefully by the time we play Stoke we will all ready to secured our place. I wouldn't like to need three points playing at the Britannia.

My Prediction: Latics 1-1 Stoke

Just in case you forgot about it, here is the penalty that kept us up all those years ago.