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The Five Horse Race

The other week I looked at the Latics run in to the end of the season and predicted my scores for our remaining five games. Two games gone and we are top of the relegation zone, with Blackburn and Blackpool realistically catchable. So will we? Who do they have to play? and will other teams run ins cause them to slip up? So here I take a look at 16th to 20th and the run ins they have coming up.

16th Blackburn PTS 38

Blackburn on the face of it look safe now, but with how this season has gone you can't be certain. failure for them to win one of their remaining games and they will could well be relegated. That does depend on other team's results. Rover fans will hope that a win at the weekend against West Ham will be the clincher.

Following the West ham game, Rovers face a home tie with Manchester United and then on the final day of the season Wolves. In essence, Blackburn play two of the bottom teams and win them two games could relegate both Wolves and West Ham.

17th Blackpool PTS 35

Only above Latics on goal difference of two, the seasiders season looked to have gotten off to a great start when they beat us 4-0 on the opening day. How times change. Having only picked up four points since beating Liverpool in January, could the spiral continue right down the bottom of the league?

In all possibility it very well could. Blackpool face trips to Tottenham and Manchester United. In between which they play Bolton at Bloomfield Road. Funny how I am now jumping on the Bolton wagon as well, as much as I hate to say it. Bolton looks the only winnable game for Blackpool.

18th Wigan PTS 35

For my in-depth look at Latics up coming games, the Fight for Survival article covers all.

19th Wolves PTS 34

The draw at the weekend, saw Wolves lifted off the bottom of the league. Now Wolves run in, consists of a derby against West Brom, an away tie at Sunderland and the game with Blackburn. For me Wolves have the best run in, with three games to go.

One is a derby against West Brom which will carry a lot of weight on it,expect a pumped up Wolves side. Then they face an injury hit Sunderland, which could prove to work for them unlike it did for us. Finally on the last day of the season they face Blackburn, this is where we need Wolves to drop their points if they will. Wolves other two games look very winnable. But only time will tell.

20th West Ham PTS 32

The Hammers, who are starting to come adrift at the bottom after the defeat to Manchester City at the weekend. They again have a somewhat easier run in than Blackpool. They face Blackburn this weekend in a crunch game for both sides, the team that wins will get three valuable points, which could open up the fight or pull teams clear.

Next West Ham play Latics in another game which could again change the fate of either team. The hope for Latics, is that this game could see us safe with three points. The Last day of the season West Ham play Sunderland, for West Ham this could be a good game to finish on. Against a Sunderland side running out of steam after a great start to the season.

So where do I reckon we will be and who will go down. I really don't want to make any predictions, because as this year has shown anything can happen in the Premier League. But here is my bottom five in the order and points I think they will end on.

16th Birmingham PTS 43

17th Wigan PTS 40

18th Wolves PTS 37

19th West Ham PTS 36

20th Blackpool PTS 35