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Roberto a No Go

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Although the title may suggest it, Roberto Martinez may well be on his way out of the club, leaving us manger less and without a hope of next season. Okay that is being very dramatic, but it really could be the end of Latics as we currently know it. Martinez has been the best thing for Latics, since a group of Three Spaniards signed in 1995.

Since his return to club, which gave him is first crack at English football, he has had many critics for his single minded approach, but you can't argue that he knows how to play football. Since taking over he has changed the team, bringing in younger players and reducing the wage bill. Yet we now have the strongest squad in recent years.

The first thing Martinez did when he took over the club, was to reshape and change the youth system. Totally by getting the new ethos of pass and move football. Instilling the same mentality that today we see in the first team.

Now I haven't always been a great fan of Martinez. His one tone approach to football, and is unwillingness to bring on substitutes in games, is a very frustrating thing as a fan watching in the stands. But it has all been necessary and we are now seeing it in team results and performances. The last two games of the season really showed how much we have moved forward as a club.

The West Ham game was a superb example of this, the end to end nature of the game. The attacking quality on show and how we managed to out pass and play our opponents. The Stoke Game showed our steel and how hard we are willing to fight and get stuck into the other team.

All round Martinez has improved the first team, the finances, and the youth system. Could we ask for a better man at the helm. I think not , and I wouldn't want another manager to come in and take over what is Martinez's legacy.

The hope is that he will see the club as that. It is not a secret that Martinez is a great lover of the club, and when he got the chance to move to the club, he wasted no time in moving ship from Swansea. Now we are moving in the direction he wants, at the club he loves, with a chairman that will do the best for him. So why move?

Well that will soon all be revealed tomorrow at one thirty, when Whelan and Martinez will have what could be their final discussion on the subject, as Martinez will say if he will go to Villa or not. Reports from the inside are that Whelan will not stand in Martinez's way of a move away, but he will offer him a new long-term contract to keep his man.

Whelan give him what he wants, we don't want to lose our Roberto.