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Ali Deal Close, Crainey to Come

Ali Al Habsi

The deal we all want to see seems to be getting ever so closer now for Latics. The latest news is that we will make a £4 million offer for the keeper which will be our last and final one made towards Bolton. It has also been reported that we could change targets if we can not get Ali by the end of the month.

Stephen Craniey

The Scottish international left back, could well be a free at the end of the month having turned down a new contract at Blackpool. Having only one real left back in Figeroua, Crainey would provide some good cover for Latics.

Angel Lafita

The attacking midfielder could be bought for as little as £1.5 million, from Real Zaragoza who are in financial problems. Martinez seems aware and has the man well placed on his transfer list to bring in the 26-year-old.