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Eight Players to See the Exit

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An official list released today by the Premier League shows the 123 players that will be available to leave clubs at the end of the coming month. In the list was eight Wigan Athletic players five of which seemed fairly reasonable departures, three could throw up some eye brows.

So Jason Koumas, Daniel De Ridder, Mike Pollitt, Joe Holt, Steven Caldwell, Danny Lambert, Thomas Oakes, and Abian Serrano all could be about to leave the Latics.

Jason Koumas and Daniel De Ridder were known departures after both have failed to impress under Martinez, and so they will both have to look else where to play football.

Mike Pollitt was expected to sign a new contract and possibly slowly move into the coaching staff, however it has appeared in recent months that he could make a move stright into coaching at Ipswich along side Paul Jewell. Where ever Pollitt goes I'd like to wish him good luck has he has been a great servant for the club these past six seasons.

Joe Holt and Abian Serrano were both regulars in the teams reserve side last years and looked like they may push on into the club. However it looks like the players futures could lay away from Wigan.

Finally Steven Cladwell the older brother of Gary, who last year looked a strong back up for the side and did what was needed to do, surely a new contract was on the cards? Well it looks like he could be back on the move after only one season at Wigan.

Any of the above players could still be a Latics player come next season, but the club only has two more weeks to offer them new contracts before they will be free to move on.