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Latics Getting Friendly

On Tuesday the Latics pre-season schedule was released with the first team featuring in two major games through the period. One home and one way, both played in the North West.

The first tie is an away day trip to our local rivals Preston, taking place on 31st July. Preston having been demoted this season, will have a very much chopped and changed side to those in recent years, and it will be interesting to see how the club is holding up.

The second tie is a bigger tie (no offense to Preston), the game will be against Spanish giants Villarreal on Sunday the 4th July. It will be a game worth getting down to watch and see the fourth biggest side in Spanish football to face the Latics.

It will be the only pre-season game to be played out at the DW Stadium, but it is a big difference to fixtures in the past few seasons (St Mirren and Real Zarogozza).

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