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What Can We Expect?

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With the new season just a few days away now, I decided it was time to pull out my glass ball and look into the Latics up coming season and see what results may be in store. Many periods in the forth coming season will be key, the first month could well be a great platform for us to start our season on, or it could be a very big banana skin for us to fall helplessly over.

While is if goes right down the the wire again this year, for us to stay in the Premier League, then we may be in luck. All of our last four fixtures, are on paper winnable, but what does that mean in the world of football. Nothing!

If there is one thing we all see as a football fan it is that, what you expect to happen very often tends not to happen. It is just a case of hoping that for once you are the lucky ones and that your team is on the right side of victory.

For me, this could be a season in which our luck starts to come our way. We finished last year in great style, with everyone coming back to full fitness and playing to their full potential. So this year, can we move on from there? Well lets take a look at what i think could be our points tally.

Norwich City - Win
Swansea City - Draw
Queens Park Rangers - Win
Manchester City - Lose
Everton - Draw
Tottenham Hotspur - Draw
Aston Villa - Lose
Bolton Wanderers - Draw
Newcastle United - Lose
Fulham - Win
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Win
Blackburn Rovers- Win
Sunderland- Lose
Arsenal - Lose
West Bromwich Albion -Draw
Chelsea - Lose
Liverpool - Draw
Manchester United - Lose
Stoke City - Lose
Sunderland - Win
Manchester City - Draw
Queens Park Rangers - Win
Tottenham Hotspur - Lose
Everton - Draw
Bolton Wanderers - Lose
Aston Villa - Win
Swansea City - Win
Norwich City - Lose
West Bromwich Albion - Draw
Liverpool - Lose
Stoke City - Draw
Chelsea - Lose
Manchester United - Lose
Arsenal - Lose
Fulham - Draw
Newcastle United - Draw
Blackburn Rovers - Win
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Win

With the following results, the team would gain 45 points, which this year would see us have finished in 15th. Could be another tight season for Wigan if the results go as I think. The other Premier League teams will all be up for anotehr fight and any team could take points off anyone else.

The season ahead will be the most open in the Premier League's history that is one thing that I can promise, lets just hope we come off well for it.