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Preview: Wigan vs Norwich

The first game of the season, is finally slowly making its way towards the horizon. Only three days now, and we can look forward to walking down to the ground filled with brand new optimism about the season that is about to unfold before our very eyes.

Last season this same image was there for us. Many fans, including me. Assumed that Roberto and the lads would be ready to cruise past a newly promoted Blackpool side and set out a marked to the rest of the Premier League. 45 minutes later we were all sick of the sight of the tangerines.

But as with everything new, fresh new flowering hope has emerged with our club, and why shouldn't it? Did we not after the turn of Christmas, only lose six games out of the 19 we played. We also come into Saturday's game off the back of a good pre-season which saw us beat Villarreal in the last game.

We may have lost Charles N'Zogbia to Aston Villa, but Moses has now stepped up to the plate. The twenty year old having been in great form during the close season. While our new summer signings have looked ready to play Ali looking worth every penny of the money we paid.

To me the team looks like it could be coming together slowly, ready to burst onto the season. We can though not afford a slow start this year. As is shown by the first game against Norwich, already we face a must win match. Then followed by another two key fixtures.

Norwich's Biggest Threat on Saturday

So what can we expect to face in Norwich? Well they have gone through two successive promotions from League One to Premier League, and play a good open style of play. However they aren't afraid to get stuck in and hold defensively. Having added six new players to an already talented side, Norwich aren't short on players that could and will threaten on the opening day.

The man to watch from Norwich is Grant Holt (captain). A strong and physical player who can hold the ball up well and is able to finish as well. In the Championship he looked a very good player, and he will be out again this season to show what he can do.

Way to defend against him? Don't allow him to get control of the ball in or around the box. Other players like to run off him and get in behind center backs. Winning any header he goes for is vital, and don't let him get room in the box when a cross comes in.

It won't be an easy start to the season, but what game will be easy? No team in the Premier League really sticks out as the weak link and every game and point will have to be fought for. The lads that play will have to be on their top form to watch out for a team on the up, while we yet avoid to slip down.