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Di Santo Coming Of Age

The 22 year old strikers, was for the most part last season, the last person you would have expected to start scoring goals for the Latics.

Yet 12 months on from his arrival at Wigan, the once flimsy and feeble young lad, has turned into a strong and confident forward.

I have always said he has potential if not as a goal scorer then as a Heskey style player. Di Santo's willingness to run and run is the kind of determination you need at the top level.

You can see just the levels of work he has put in at training too. There are large differences from the player who we signed from Chelsea.

A fact I have heard in the past few days made me think more about how an important a season this is for Di Santo. It is the fact that he has made the same scoring start to the season as Amir Zaki did in his season.

Could Di Santo go on to better him and even better his predecessors, and get Latics highest goal tally in a season.

Only time will tell and he certainly has made the right start for it.