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Donny Keen on Kirkland

Could Lee Nicholls replace Kirkland?
Could Lee Nicholls replace Kirkland?

Today's transfer news for Latics comes in the form of 6"3 goalkeeper Chris Kirkland, and his departure. Martinez has said very strongly in the past that the former Liverpool player would not leave the club. However with Ali Al Habsi dominating the number one spot, and hot young prospect Lee Nicholls waiting in the wings. Is Kirkland set for a move away.

The news today is that Kirkland will make the loan move to struggling Championship side Doncaster Rovers. How much is true in that particular move, I don't know. However the chances of Kirkland moving are most likely quite high.

Now he is and always has been a top top goalkeeper for Wigan and where ever else he has played. Yet niggling injury problems have finally for the most part caught up with him, and in the past two seasons he has failed to re hit those dizzy heights in form which saw him make a permanent move to Latics.

For me it is a great disappointment, that such a talented player never hit his full potential and you see it more and more often now, especially for English players.

I have always liked Chris, he has always been a favourite of mine. It would be a sad day to see him go, but the more you look at, the more it feels like when his contract runs out (either this summer or next) the club won't be renwing it.

It is very much a Mario Melchiot situation for Latics. A fan favourite, who appears to be coming to the end of his career at Wigan.