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Chris Kirkland Returns

What will Martinez decide about Chris Kirkland?
What will Martinez decide about Chris Kirkland?

Poor poor Chris Kirkland. He hasn't had a good spell the past few years, and his run of bad luck looks set to continue. He was never meant to remain out of the Latics side for very long (until Ali stole our hearts). But could his latest set back, run his career.

30 year-old Kirkland, had only last week completed a move on loan to Doncaster. He was able to play in their 3-0 defeat to Leed United, and this is where the problem begins. After the match Chris's infamous back, flared up yet again. It has been confirmed, that for the time being, Kirkland will return to Wigan Athletic.

It is a very sad day for the player, who have not had a chance in the past two years through injury. Like I said about him when he moved to Doncaster. I didn't know if he would come back, I was wrong as he has returned. But for how long?

Persistent injuries are known for retiring players. Is Kirkland likely to be an exception? I very much doubt that, if anything he may either live out the rest of his playing career playing and training on the odd occasional (Ledley King is an example of this) or retire.

At the age of 30 he is coming into the prime of being a goalkeeper. But when you are struggling so much with injury, age isn't a good factor. The club and Kirkland have to fine away for his back to hold up for more than 90 minutes in a week, otherwise that will be it.