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Match Preview: Newcastle United vs Wigan Athletic

Demba Ba poses a big threat to the Latics goal.
Demba Ba poses a big threat to the Latics goal.

Six games, without a win. Hang on six? That wasn't in our seasons description, the hope, the talent, all the anticipation. Has fallen well and truly on its big face. After a poor September and October, we find ourselves second from bottom on five points.

Is there any hope? Will we come out, and fight, and win matches how we should be doing? In the current circumstances, the signs are looking good. We haven't had this bad a run of defeats since 2008, and the signs are showing. Players are making mistakes too easily, we seam lifeless at time, and the fans are frustrated and annoyed that such a talented squad can do so poorly.

Well then, here is there chance to do something, and beat Newcastle United. That's right you heard me, we have to beat Newcastle United. The only side out of Manchester not to have lost a game so far this season. It will be no mean feat, we haven't beaten Newcastle, since a Ryan Taylor free-kick and an Amir Zaki penalty won the game for Wigan Athletic.

Going into the game Newcastle will be on, what you can only call as wonderland. Having not lost a game all season, playing well and scoring, can it get any better for you. How about the return of one of your super stars (Hatem Ben Arfa), that ought to do it. Everything seems to be going good for Newcastle, so surely that must set them up for a fall?

We are though talking about Wigan. A team known for pulling off the impossible. We lose games, we should win 10-0, and some how manage to win games when we have no right to win. It is very frustrating to be a Latics fan, I'm sure it increases your chances of a heart attack.

So what positives do we have?

Quite a few really. We have for the most part a full strength side. Which will allow us to play our best line up for the first time this season, without Gomez. While bench players are desperate to impress, surely the lads can go out and perform knowing they won't someone else will.

Yet it doesn't always work like that, and we as Latics fan's know, you have to make do with what you get.

So what do we have to watch out for from Newcastle. This season there have been several players that are looking good for them. One of the ways to help them perform better by building a side and not individuals. However for me, one player Wigan know we have to watch, is Demba Ba.

The Sengalian international, has been a revelation since joining the Premier League with West Ham last year. He has scored 12 goals (scoring two against Wigan) in 19 games, any striker would be happy with that return. So what is he good at? Several things, he has pace and strength and has that eye to run into the gap where the ball will be to score.

He is one of those strikers that everyone wants. He will score no matter how anyone else is doing, just let him do his own thing. To stop him we have to make sure that Gary Caldwell or Antolin Alcaraz, watch him from start to finish. Any move he makes into the box has to be kept in check. Any time he receives the ball he needs to be put under pressure.

So what do I feel about the up coming match? Nervous and anxious are two of the main things. We really need to get three points from the game, or at least a point. The side that started against Bolton would struggle, the side that ended against Bolton, with a bit more energy could stand a good chance of getting something from the game.

I know I say it every week. But the lads really do need to step up to the plate and show us what they are made of.