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Wigan Athletic 0-2 Fulham

Martinez has allot of thinking to do ahead of next's weeks game
Martinez has allot of thinking to do ahead of next's weeks game

This is the most painful post that I have ever had to write in the history of Pie Eaters Footie. Performances don't make points, that is something every football fan the world over knows. You can play badly and still win games, that is what the best teams will always do. Yet this Wigan Athletic side can't play well and win. It really doesn't add up.

Going into the game I was optimistic about our chances. I think many of the fans were, a great game against Newcastle where we could have taken something from the game. Going into play a Fulham side who were also struggling. It should have been set up for a Wigan win.

Straight from the off, we looked the better side, as our style of play was something Fulham were unable to cope. David Jones playing a starring role in the centre of our midfield, the former United man looks like he has been part of the side for years. He nearly even bagged a goal early on, his shot clenched to by Schwarzer in the Fulham goal.

It set the tone for the majority of the first half. Fulham only getting two chances inside the first 40 minutes both dealt well with by Ali Al Habsi. Wigan however came close through Ben Waston who saw a great strike, tipped over the bar by the keeper.

The resulting corner saw Gary Caldwell with a free header in the middle. All the scot could do was put it over the bar.

Pressure building and Victor Moses was flying down the right hand side, twice coming close. Firstly nearly beating the keeper at the front post, and then nearly tapping in a long range effort from Waston.

It all looked like it was going to be Wigan's day.

Yet after a flurry of Wigan pressure, with only four minutes to go till half, Fulham broke. Danny Murphy's sweeping pass found Bobby Zamora in space on the right hand side. Cries of off-side went out around the stadium, at the time I agreed, but Zamora squared the ball to Dempsey. The American was lucky as Ali so nearly pushed the shot over the bar, instead it hit the roof of the Wigan goal.

It felt like it was all going to happen again. Yet a second half rally, could we pull it back.

Moses got into the game more, opening Fulham up again and again, like he has done for much of our season, yet his finishing is till not there. Hugo Rodallega nearly flicked a Crusat cross into the back of the goal, and seconds later, saw Moses smash a ball against the inside of the post. Only to see it spin back out again.

Heads were dropping and our game went flat, Fulham started to see more of the ball and the game looked to be slipping away from us. Eventually it did, with only four minutes to go of normal time, Dembele peeled past Gary Caldwell and slipped the ball past Ali Al Habis. 2-0 and game over for Latics, seven straight defeats in the league now.

Its getting painful to watch now. When you dominate matches like we have done for the past three games, create chances look to be able to win the game. And then the team falls flat on its face. I really don't know who to blame.

You can't say its the keepers fault, Ali has really kept us in matches at times, so far this seasons. The defence is particular our weak point, especially last two games as errors haven't come from the defence. The midfield was strong, hopefully that James McArthur will start next weak after a great performances when he came on. David Jones controlled all our forwards play and had a good game, blending in well with Watson and McArthur.

That leaves our forwards. I felt that they all played well, there wasn't a weak member. Crusat looked good when he got on the ball, although that was rarely. Victor Moses yet again stared as he ripped the opposition defence apart, although his finish is still missing. And Rodallega really did well holding the ball up, making runs and getting his shots away. It is really scratch your head time.

What can the coaching staff do? I don't know, but that is why I'm not a manger of a football club. All I know is, that we the fans have to get behind the lads and push them on. The signs are there, that we can compete, and win matches. Its just when will we.