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September Player of the Month Ali Al Habsi

Ali Habsi, is a a blue, is a blue, is a blue, 
Ali Habsi is a blue, 
He Hates Bolton.
Ali Habsi, is a a blue, is a blue, is a blue, Ali Habsi is a blue, He Hates Bolton.

Ali Al Habsi the Omanian goalkeeper won your vote, as Pie Eaters Footie  September Player of the month. The 29 year old has only ever excelled since joining the Latics year, and his full move to the club was a well deserved one.

For me, he doesn't get enough credit of the media for the amazing work he has done as Wigan Athletics goalkeeper. For the past year since joining he has been our best player.

So what did he do in September?

Basically what he has done since being at the club, be a massive presences at the back, and more importantly save shots. His performances are always of a high professional standard, and his agility and reactions are top notch.

Throughout September he made many notable saves, the penalty from Carloz Tevez (it was a weak one, I know, but still have to be saved), the top corner flick from Leon Osman, and even denying Younes Kaboul a free kick blast at goal.

Ali's ever presences at the back, as been a stable key stone to really keep us in defenceive shape. With defenders coming and going out of the line up, there is always Ali in the sticks, and that kind of continuity helps teams.

Ali has already started the month well in October. He may have conceded two against Aston Villa, neither of which were his fault, but he also made three times as many stops to keep the team in the game.

One thing I would like to say on the matter though, is as a goalkeeper you always want to be noticed. However when you are being noticed alot, that usually means the men in front of you aren't playing well.

Food for thought?