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Injury Update: Alcaraz makes Slow Progression

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Atonlin Alcaraz the Paraguayan international defender has not had the best of starts to a Premier League season. After a great summer away from international duty, Paraguay reaching the final of the Copa America, he came back and missed the first game of the season due to fatigue.

What you don't then expect, is for the player to last 20 minutes and come of injured.

Yet that is what happened to Alacaraz, his returning game after the summer and 20 minutes in, a server tear to his thigh muscle ruling him out for up to four months.

Many had feared it could have been worse, but reports today suggest that Alcarz is taking steps slowly but surely in the right direction.

Richard Evans Latics head of sports medicine said:

"He is exactly where we want him to be"


"He had a scan at the start of the week and it shows the tissue is healing really well and we have been told we can push on with more strength and power work with him."


"Hopefully when we are comfortable with the work he is doing and he can tolerate what we are doing then we can introduce him back into the squad."

Source: 365 Football

It is great news for the club. As the player has been missed at the back to provide the strength and pace that last season helped Latics to keep a much firmer defence, and saw him win players player of the year.