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Dave Whelan Counting the Days

Dave Whelan to step down?
Dave Whelan to step down?
So big bad Dave Whelan is set to step down after 16 years at the club? It looks very likely. He has been after moving the club on for a good few years now looking to sell it on to someone younger with the passion to keep the club moving forward.

Yet so far he has failed to find such a man to take over the place. This hasn’t been through a lack of trying. Many parties have been interested in Wigan and bids in the region of £150 million were reportedly turned down a couple of years back. It has never been about the money for Whelan when it has come to Wigan. More keeping is foot in the door at the game he loves.

So who is it now that is coming into the club? Some multi billionaires Arab who will spend millions, change the entire playing staff, and take us top of the league?

Err not exactly. The new owner of the club looks set to be Dave Whelan’s 21 year old Grandson. Whelan speaking in FC Business says:

"The time comes for everyone when you need to retire or take a step back because you’re simply not what you used to be."

"What I would like to do is create a dynasty here at Wigan Athletic. My grandson is a bright boy, and is massively keen on football and Wigan Athletic. I’m inclined to let him have a go and I hope that happens."

"I’ve enjoyed myself immensely. We’ve come from the fourth division to the Premier League. It is a dream come true."


Not quite what we were all expecting in new owners. But one thing is for sure, that we won’t see any major drama on our finances. One thing Dave Whelan has always said is that he would never sell the club to someone who would come in and place us in a heap of debt.