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John Doolan Becomes New Youth Coach

John Doolan has signed on as Latics youth team coach, after the departure of Dave Watson earlier in the month. The ex-latic, as joined at an exciting time where our youth system is bursting at the seams with young talent.

Doolan has had spells in other such poitsion at Liverpool and Everton, but it will be his first time on the coaching staff here at Wigan, since leaving the club in 1996 after having a four year spell playing in various positions. He even played alongside Martinez.

However due to injury after injury he was unable to play as many matches as he would have liked to.

Doolan Said:

“I’m delighted to be back at the club and to be taking on what is really exciting challenge”

While Roberto also had praises for the new head of youth, saying:

"John really impressed at the interview, he has great passion for the game and terrific experience of coaching at youth level. He understands what our club is all about having played here and we welcome him on board”

Source: Wigan Official