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Fulham Enter Hugo Rodallega Race

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So the rumours are all ready resurfacing about where our Colombian striker will be heading this January; that is if the club can’t agree a new contract for him. It has recently appeared this week that Fulham are looking to make a move for the striker and get it wrapped up ahead of the January window.

Hugo who has yet to score this season, has been an important player at the club since signing under Steve Bruce in January 2010. We paid £4.5 million for the striker, so any fee for the player must come on that or over that fee. So a rumoured £3 million bid by Fulham is not acceptable.

Rodallega talking to the Sun newspaper said all he is concentrating on his getting his first goal for Wigan this season and to help keep us in the Premier League. Moving anywhere else is not at all in his mind.

Hugo said:

"At the moment I can think only about Wigan, I know the club wants me to stay but there is still plenty of time for us to talk.

"There are many rumours about my future but I am focused on saving Wigan. The Premier League is the best in the world. I came here to triumph, not fail."

"Each day I dream about my first goal this season,I have never lived through a bad run like this and it's normal that I should be worried."

"What's happened to me is incredible and I'm very unhappy at my lack of goals. I'm not doing anything different - just suffering a very bad run.

"I am a striker and I've not forgotten how to score. I certainly feel for the fans who have supported me so well since my arrival."

Source: Give Me Football