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Wolverhampton 3-1 Wigan Athletic

Ali is powerless to keep Wolves from scoring three as the teams performances isn't good enough.
Ali is powerless to keep Wolves from scoring three as the teams performances isn't good enough.

Now I was very undecided about what to write about in my follow up to the match this weekend. I wanted to say that we were awful deserved the loss and should be looking at booing the player against Blackburn Rovers in two weeks time. Yet that isn't me, I am and always a positive football fan. So what can I write about?

Well we scored is that any good?

Although we were lucky to do that, the amount of chances that the team were missing was woeful, Rodallega had a chance to put us in front, minutes before Wolves did. What did he do, blasted it wide of the goal. It is that kind of killer instinct we lack up front, that has and is costing us matches.

Our keeper was amazing.

As ever Ali Al Habsi was by far the best Wigan Athletic player on the pitch. Save after save after yet another save. The player doesn't deserve to be on the end of such a poor losing streak. Nor does he deserve to be in front of such an appalling defence. There are many words that I could call our defence of late. None of them I am allowed to use on this site,  I'm sure it would make a great read though.

Wolves in Ernest deserved all three points, their goals were well worked and had been due to putting the Latics on the back foot. Wigan never looked like they would win the match from kick-off right through to the end of the match, and it is yet another showing that maybe this side is on the way down and finally out.

I have never been a pessimist, I am naturally an optimistic person. Always expecting the best in people and especially my football team. Yet this time round there is a big difference at the club.

We no longer have the fight and the passion that once graced the blue jersey. In the first three season especially in the top flight, not one player would come of the football pitch clean or out of breathe. They would work for each other, no matter how they played getting the best possible result they could.

We no longer have the fight. The team that Wigan fans see before us, could very well be the last Premier League side ever to play for Wigan Athletic. 

Yes a win against Blackburn in two weeks time will change my mind most likely. But on the past few matches, only a select few players in our team deserve to play football at all, not even mentioning playing professionally. The team looks like it is crumbing before our very eyes.

If we aren't careful, coming adrift at Christmas may not be our worst fear.