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Preview: Wigan Athletic vs Liverpool

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Two down, two to go, in the big four matches of the December period. So far we have gained one point, in a great match against Chelsea where we were the better side for most of the game. It was a complete performance by the lads, and the hope is that we can continue in the same stead against Liverpool on Wednesday night.

Liverpool was the first of the ‘big four’ that we managed to get a result against, and under Martinez we beat them 1-0 with a Hugo Rodallega goal two years ago. More of that again this time, and the side could be out of the relegation zone for over Christmas.

Long may our good performances continue, so long as we keep everyone fit. So far it looks that we might do that for the next fee games, none picking up any knocks during the encounter with Chelsea.

So business as usual for our team, I don’t think anyone would be moaning about the same line up featuring. I have a feeling that if we retain the same line up against Liverpool. It maybe the lost amount of consecutive games that we have had the same starting line up under Martinez. I could be wrong however.

Liverpool go into the game, after a great result against Aston Villa over the weekend. They dominated the match and are really hitting top form at the moment. Not really a prospect I want to see, but give them credit since the return of ‘King Kenny’ Liverpool look a much stronger outfit, especially away from home.

Yet with our home crowd, can we defeat the might of the kop. The atmosphere against Chelsea was up there with the best we have had, and it shows in the results when we have gotten behind the lads. The West Ham and Arsenal matches from previous season show that.

Liverpool have so many threats going forward, that one of five players could score. However they have found it hard in front of goal at times this season, yet a very miserly defence has done them well.

My player to watch this week has only been in the Premier League for less than a year and has already made a massive impact, not just on the pitch but off it too. Luis Suarez the Paraguayan international, who is known worldwide for his hand ball that knocked Ghana out of the world cup; has already become a kop legend.

The player may not face Wigan, has the result of his hearing of racial abuse to Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, is to be given on Tuesday. However it is unlikely that the paper work will go through in time.

Suarez doesn’t just score goals he creates them too. His ability on the ball is immense, and any defender will find it hard to stop him, if he wants to beat you. You can’t really stop him once on the ball, you more have to stop him getting the ball. Do that, and make him drop deeper into the midfield to get the ball, less chance of him scoring.

I wish it was as simple as that but it never is.

This game will show how much Wigan are improving. Continuing from the past results is important and keeping up with the momentum even more. The lads know how to play football and can play it really well. It’s a case of keeping it going and of course scoring those goals. Yet we have done and can keep doing.