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Q&A Wigan Athletic vs Liverpool

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - MAY 15:  Liverpool fans cheer on their team during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield on May 15, 2011 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - MAY 15: Liverpool fans cheer on their team during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield on May 15, 2011 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)
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With the time fast approching for Wigan's third of the big four games, we sent out some questions to ask our Liverpudlian counter parts(Sam Fels from Anfield Asylum), just what they make of their season? And how much has Kenny Dauglish changed the face of Liverpool?

Since the return of Kenny Dauglish, there has been much improvement in the Liverpool side. Is it is legendary status or good management on his behalf?

Well, legendary status really doesn't go all that far when managing players who are probably too young to have seen much of your playing days or managing days. So it goes to good management, but some of it was easy changes from Roy Hodgson. Kenny actually asked Liverpool to play with the ball, not treat it as a hand-grenade. He got them playing a higher line instead of bunkering in so deep they needed to email the attacking zone to find out where it was. He's definitely brought some players out of funks, like Maxi Rodriguez and Daniel Agger. The most I can say is he changed the feeling about the place, going from a negative one with Hodgson and the old owners to one where it seems like the players genuinely enjoy being there.

The new owners on face value look a much stronger force and more willing to move the club forward than Hicks and Gillett were. Do you feel this will continue?

I think so, but not sure. Based on their track record with the Red Sox, you'd have to say yes it will. But they've admitted to being football novices, although at least they've admitted as much and are not too stupid to find people who do know what they're doing like the previous Statler and Waldorf act. And with City and Chelsea and United constantly driving up the price of fielding a competitive team, the Fenway Group may be shocked at what they'd have to spend to be a title contender. These aren't oil barons, the well does run dry with them. Remains to be seen, but guarded optimism is warranted.

Who do you feel has been your best signing in the past 12 months?

Luis Suarez by some margin. Despite this ridiculous FA charge (seriously, how long does it take to find out what someone said and what other people around heard? Like, seven minutes?) and the at times over-coverage of his theatrics, he's a truly wonderful player. Pretty much everything that Liverpool do goes through him, he's in constant motion and fearless. He'll try anything on the pitch. The only downside is he's proven a bit of a wasteful finisher, with only eight goals in total from 82 shots. He does need a few chances to score. Then again, so does the whole team.

Are you happy with how your season has gone so far?

Eh. In the race for fourth and only three points back is probably all we could have asked for before the season. But there have been results at home that just should never have happened and wouldn't have if not for "abstract" finishing or woodwork that somehow grows arms and swats away Liverpool shots (17 times on the season, which is just numbing when you think about it). That said, the defense is as solid as its ever been, the new signings are really starting to make an impact and it looks as if things could pick up from here. But I think most fans can't help but feel that Liverpool should have more points to their name and really be competing for things with just another goal or two here and there. But you can play that game with every team.

Steven Gerrard has been a constant miss for the side, over the past year or so, yet do you really miss him that much?

Hard to say because I can't remember what it was he did. All jokes aside, yes, Liverpool do miss him. Other than Suarez, Gerrard is really the only other "match-winner" Liverpool have, if he's still capable of that (and he probably is here and there). Sometimes you just need a player to crash one in from 30 or come up with some through ball you never saw coming when the rest of the team is haggard. Only Gerrard can do that.

Out of the current Wigan squad which players would you have, and why?

Rodallega, just so he can't score against Liverpool again.

In the past few years, your record at the DW Stadium has been mixed; do you think it will be another tough fixture for you?

Yep. Midweek game after a slog on Sunday, with a tiring and possibly suspended Suarez. Nothing's easy.

What is your result prediction?

Think Liverpool can squeak this one 1-0. The defense has been so in tune and there's no Petr Cech here to gift you a goal. At the other end, Adam or Downing can probably come up with a set-piece leading to trouble once.

And finally what is your favourite flavoured pie?

The kind that leaves its boots on during.