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Manchester United 5-0 Wigan Athletic

Yet another referring mistake against Wigan
Yet another referring mistake against Wigan

Sorry about this match report being very very late, yet it is a very busy time of year. Not just in the sporting world but the whole world. Yet this report will not be focusing on the match, if you really want to hear about how a Manchester United side did a very good job against a Wigan side, that for 40 minutes was in the game, before battering them by five goals.

I suggest a visit to Busy Babe, Im sure Gene and co have put together a lovely report.

As for me. I want to focus on the gap in play, and what went wrong for Wigan, and how to beat the top teams in the league.

For the first half we were for the most part in the game from the start. But that sending off killed us, and even Paul Merson said so. That is right you heard me right a football pundit said that Wigan were unlucky to have a sending off. Once Connor Sammon was off that was the game killed.

Rule number one. Never go down to ten men against the top teams.

Yet as many people have pointed out. United got off to a very good start scoring inside the first eight minutes. Once that happened we were always on the back foot and away from home, you never really have much chance to get back into the game.

Rule number two. Never concede in first ten minutes.

The final thing which I believe we managed to do through out the game. Is match the tempo and desire of will to close players down to win the game. In the past few games we have matched the top teams for their pace and tempo and managed to keep them closed down and really limited there chances.

Rule number three. Keep the desire and faith.

I have to say looking at the performance by the lads and how we played, any Wigan fan can and should be happy. We fought hard and kept creating chances right to the end.

Keep that level of desire and skill, and there will be no trouble of us not surviving in the Premier League.