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November Player of Month Is.....

Gomez bags our player of November award
Gomez bags our player of November award

With over half the votes Jordi Gomez, was voted your player of the Month for November. I have to say he deserved it on his two performances. When Wigan fans see his name, we often cry out in fear and weep at the thought of him playing on our pitch, but then something has changed about a resident donkey.

I did a post a while ago looking to see could we get the best of Jordi Gomez. Then I said no. He is too slow, weak and hasn’t got that little something to play at the level need for the Premier League. Yet in the last two games (Blackburn and Sunderland) he set himself a new bar to aim at.

Not only was he quicker, stronger and even looking to play the ball off. He made tackles. I know I was shocked too (at this moment if you think I have gone mad, I very nearly did when I saw Jordi play well). He has been for the most part that player in your team the fans have loved to hate.

It got to the stage where he was booed when playing for us. Now I don’t often agree with that, but he really deserved it. His lack of effort was more annoying than a hole in the head. Yet that as all changed, we now have a new Jordi.

Some of you may now be going to me, wait a minute, he was awful against Arsenal. Yes at times he was, yet he was much better than he had been. Against Arsenal the whole team was a shambles so I can really excuse him that once.

So what did Gomez get up to in November. Well he scored two goals in two games, which doubles his league record over the two seasons he has been at the club. Jordi has started to track back more, as well as making those tackles and even winning headers.

The signs are looking good. It has to be asked, if someone like Gomez can play well. Why can’t the rest of the team?