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Welcome to Pie Eaters Footie

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Dave Whelan the man that made it happen.
(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Dave Whelan the man that made it happen. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who? What? Where? These maybe some of the questions you are asking yourselves if you are reading this post. First let me introduce myself, I am Kieran, life long Wigan Athletic fan, but to many over I am known as HeapyLatic. Pie Eaters Footie was set up by me in 2008, and the idea of the site is to give readers an insight into my thoughts and views on Wigan Athletic.

If you're still wondering what is going on, let me give you a short history on Wigan Athletic and what Pies have to do with a soccer team.

Formed in 1932, Wigan Athletic is the 5th football team to carry the Wigan name. Only 79 years old, and in the Premier League making them the youngest club currently in the Premier League.

Their success in recent years is down to local businessman Dave Whelan, who bought the club when they were in the old Division 3 in 1995. That summer three of the clubs best known players signed, the ‘Three Amigos’ of Roberto Martinez (current manager), Jesus Seba and Isidro Diaz. Since then, the club has had a new stadium built (DW Stadium); and three promotions in 17 years; and reached two cup finals (League Trophy Winners 1998/99, League Cup Runners Up 2005/06).

Not many clubs in the UK can boast such a great record!

So What About Pies?

Well in 1926 when the rest of the countries miners where striking, the miners of Wigan were starved and so had to go back to work before their mining counterparts.

The term ‘Pie Eaters’ comes from the fact that the town was known for making great pies, and it was said that the miners had eaten some metaphorical humble pie.

So what now? Well for Pie Eaters Footie, we are happy to announce that we have joined the SB Nation community. The idea of joining the worlds biggest network of sports blogs was a great opportunity, and we are looking forward to some successful times ahead.

For regular readers who don't know about SB Nation let me explain.

They are an American-based community of sports blogs who help to deliver and create informative and helpful information of American and International sport. The idea of a community and being able to help not just on one blog, but a whole network is fantastic. With open honest discussion all about the sport we love to follow, debating with rival fans and disscusing with fellow supporters.

The site gives you the fans, the opportinty to get involved too, Fan Shots/Posts, allow you to show the world you views or pictures of your favourite clubs.

Welcome to the new Pie Eaters Footie