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Injury Update: Hugo Rodallega

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Rodallega's injury isn't as bad as initially feared
Rodallega's injury isn't as bad as initially feared

The Columbian striker, who was stretchered off against Everton last weekend, has had some good news through in the past few days. Amid fears that he could have been out for the rest of the season, it now looks like he will be back with in two to three months.

Much better than originally feared.

On Tuesday, the club had the results of the scan on Rodallega's knee returned to the club. Roberto was positive about what the scans showed:

"The scans came back really positively, it doesn't seem like there are any big concern in terms of the structure of the knee."

"We won't know how long he's exactly going to be but what's clear is that the injury is not as bad as we thought. It's fantastic news and now we're going to make sure that Hugo recovers well and gets back on the football pitch as quickly as possible."

Source: Wigan Official

Since Tuesday rumours have suggested that three months could now be the wait ahead at the minimum for Hugo. However it looks more and more likely that we could have our talisman striker back before December if all things go well.

He has already been missed by the club. His presence on the pitch against Tottenham could have made a huge difference on the result from Saturday's game.