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Woefully Reliable Jordi Gomez

Yet to impress Jordi Gomez
Yet to impress Jordi Gomez

In the light of yet another 'inspiring' performance by Jordi Gomez, I decided it was time to take a look at the player in closer detail. Who is he? Where has he come from? and more importantly can he play well?

Jordi Gomez Garcia-Penche to give him is full Spanish name, was born and raised in Barcelona. Believe it or not, he was a part of the Barcelona youth academy. Yet it would be at local rivals Espanyol that Gomez would get his first taste in league football.

After making only three league apperances for Espanyol he was sent on loan to Swansea City, in 2008, where Roberto was the manger at the time.

Gomez seemed to have found his level and recieved much praise by manger and the press. His abilty to retain the ball and move it well, made him one of the Championships hot talents at the end of the 2009 season after scoring 14 goals.

A move to England was on the cards. The move came in the form of a switch to Wigan Athletic to reunited with Roberto Martinez.

He has yet to be the player he has shown he can be. Slow and weak in the tackle, he isn't exactly a Premier League player and it has shown in the past few seasons.

Very much like this time around, Gomez started the first few games of last season, before eventually Roberto was forced to take him out of the squad. Whether that was down to his dier performances, or the fans continual booing at his presences we will never know.

The only reason that I and many Wigan fans can see him starting as part of the line up, is because of his set piece ability. He is for the most part, a deadly deliverer of the ball from any angle. Either causing trouble with a curling ball, or scoring in the top corners.

It is such a shame then, that his open play ability isn't shown. You can see he has it, the mind and abilty to just pick a pass and open defences. But it is inability to play at pace or even close men down.

It makes for a frustrating watch, as he walks everywhere and always wants to play the ball backwards. Gomez will never be a good Premier League player, at best he is average.

At Championship level he will always excel as you have that extra yard of space for yourself to play the ball or the man. When you play at the higher levels you don't get that time or space and that is where Gomez will always slip up.