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Diouf Training With Latics

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Diouf looks set to sign for Latics.
Diouf looks set to sign for Latics.

El-Hadji Diouf the 30 year old striker has opened up talks with Wigan Athletic, about a permanent move. Diouf who is currently a free agent after falling out of favour at Blackburn, has been training with Wigan for the past week, and has opened talks with the club.

Sources all suggest that he is holding talks with a move to Doncaster Rovers.

But would Diouf be a good move?

El-Hadji Diouf would be a controversial signing for Wigan, as he does have previous with Wigan fans favourite Arjan de Zeeuw. The incident which happened when de Zeeuw was at Portsmouth, saw Diouf spit out at Arjan. Will the fans forgive him?

So he is a player with a short fuse, and can cause trouble, but you have to take the rough with the smooth.

Diouf is a very capable player, who will add a new prong to Wigan's attack. With pace and control on the ball, he has and still can open up defences, and as has been shown we need more ways to get at teams to win games. Diouf could help us.

No offence to Doncaster Rovers, they are a very good side but are struggling in this years Championship, but I doubt very that Diouf will be tempted by what they have to offer. It would be a challenge for him to play in the Championship. While at Wigan he would be part of a Premier League squad, which he has been for the best part of nine years.