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Kingson At Latics

Richard Kingson training with the Latics
Richard Kingson training with the Latics

33 year old, Ghana Goalkeeper,Richard Kingson is training with Wigan Athletic, to keep fit as he hopes to secure a move to a new club.

After being released from Blackpool at the beginning of the Summer, he has been left as a free agent without a club. Reports did suggest that he may go to one of the newly promoted sides, but a move never came.

"I have been training with Wigan for some days now to keep my fitness and make my reflexes sharp, I am not sitting at home and doing nothing.

"In our profession, one must be active at all times to ensure that when the chance comes you are ready to prove yourself. My agent and I are seriously looking for opportunities and when the chance arrives I will surely turn up knowing that I am ready for the challenge."

"When I was at Wigan all the players, officials and coaches saw that I gave 100% to the team and was dedicated to the team.

"When I asked for the chance to train with them they didn't hesitate so I am very grateful to them. They don't treat me as if I am a stranger. They treat me as if I am part of the family and I know I am part of the family. Hopefully by the grace of God I can get a deal soon."

Source: ESPN

Is it likely the player will sign with Wigan?

Not very we already have four very capable goalkeepers on our books. Signing a fifth would just add unneeded expenditure for the club.

However it is a sign of the clubs family background about how he is accepted to come and train with the side and be welcomed with open arms.