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Martinez has Whelan's Backing, as he Praises Di Santo

Roberto Martinez, being praised for a job that he is doing well.
Roberto Martinez, being praised for a job that he is doing well.

Dave Whelan today has yet again vowed to support boss Roberto Martinez, while Roberto has praised Di Santo for his start to the season.

Dave Whelan has outlined basically what many Wigan Athletic fans want to hear. That he will always and totally back the manger, and is enjoying what Roberto is trying to do with the club. However he knows that a difficult season lies ahead for Wigan.

"The Premier League is just so competitive and it increases with toughness every season."

"I like the way we play. Wherever we go, people tell us we always try to play football."

"We have some very good talented young players. Having played the game myself, you realise you have to make your own luck. All we can do is keep battling away."

Source: Sky Sports News

Roberto has come out himself today and praised 22 year old Franco Di Santo. The striker, who is having his richest vein of goalscoring, has been a huge part of the season so far for Latics. Roberto has, as ever, played down the hype about the player.

"Franco keeps progressing. Early in the season when he didn't score his overall play was outstanding.

"You don't see many strikers who are powerful, strong, can run all day, have a fantastic first touch, are good in the air and a clinical finisher.

"He is a great prospect but is still only 22, still progressing.

"He is at a very good moment in goalscoring terms but his overall contribution to the team has been very good.

"We need to allow him to carry on enjoying his football and if we do that it will be a big season for him and Wigan."

Source: Sky Sports News

One thing that is important as a manger, is to keep your players on a level ground. Roberto manges to do that with his young lads, well on a regular basis.