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Jordan Mustoe wants more, as Diame sets his sights on African Glory

Momo is off to African Cup of Nations
Momo is off to African Cup of Nations

It has been a quite month on the talks of player coming in and out for the club, to be far I'm not moaning, the squad we have here I'm rather happy with, just certain new faces I would like to see come in. But on the going out side, keeping everyone is a must.

Its that year though when all the continents look to find there champions and so a lucky select of African nations play out their finals in January and February. Much to the annoyance of everyone else. Normally Wigan aren't affected by this, in the past we have rarely had players leave us.

Come to mention it, I do struggle to think of any player in recent years who has gone off. This year however Wigan will lose their most influential midfielder (just as I type that I remember Amir Zaki running away via the African Cup of Nations, but that is a different story). Mohamed Diame will leave the club for the next month, and his absence will be a big one.

The Sengelese international has been a rock in the midfield for Wigan, popping up with some great goals and his persistence and never say die attitude make him a top notch player.

Now what I am about to say may be very mean, but I am a selfish man after all. I hope Senegal get knocked out early.

Okay I said it, I wish them all the best of luck, but Wigan need Momo back more then Senegal need him. We will now have to look forward to the comedy action of Ben Watson playing the midfield. First man Watson has hit a rut which he is struggling to get out of.

Best of luck Momo, but hurry back.

Now for the other part. Young full back Jordan Mustoe has today said he wants more action time for Latics, after making his first Senior apperances against Swindon Town. Him and Callum McManaman where by far our best two players on the day, and for me they deserve to be shown that their performance means a push into the squad.

For me I would much rather have Mustoe on the bench, than Gohuri and Lopez. Neither of them fill me with confidence, while a young enthusiastic player makes me feel a bit happier. Yet we will see.

You never quite know what goes on in Roberto Martinez's head.