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Preview: Queens Park Rangers vs Wigan Athletic

QPR'S Danger man
QPR'S Danger man

So here we go, all over again. We have to do it all over again. Working our way from bottom, and hopefully to somewhere round about the middle of the table, by winning as many of our remaining 17 games. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Yet Wigan have a knack of making these kind of things really hard to do, and in many a season, we have just managed to survive with our tails between our legs. Somehow or more importantly something about Wigan Athletic has that urge to never say die. That is of course a reflection of us the fans, who have gone through so much in the last 17 years.

Yet all the hard work that has happened could come on done.

Am I building this up well? I hope so I am meant to be. This weekends game, isn't just another game. It is the first of many six pointers that we are about to face, and if we can get through it alive and kicking, then the future for us many to lie in the division below. Why should it? Wigan as much the right to be here and we will be for long in the memory.

So we go into the game currently having no new signings. However if sources that i have heard are correct, then we could have a least one fresh face in time for the game. Yet I don't see their arrival will change much about the game. Our only absentee will be Diame off on international duty.

Apart from that we are at full strength.

For me going for the game and play a 4-3-3 would be our best way to get something from the match. Not allowing QPR to settle and not allowing them time on the ball will be of the up most importance. Not just because they have some very clever players, but also because they have that feeling about them now, of waiting to spark into life.

This is of course due to the new man at the helm in Mark 'sparky' Hughes. The veteran manager knows his way around a football pitch and has had a lot of success as a manager, and he will be looking for his first Premier League win at QPR.

QPR themselves are really now looking to spend the vast sums of money that the club have at their disposal. Alex the Bazillion defender from Chelsea is already on his way and more are likely to follow, whether or not in time for the weekends game. We can only hope not.

So who do I see as their threat. They have so many player in their team that could look to hurt Wigan. Yet I don't feel that they will really be able to get at us, with their strikers. However the midfield and especially Shaun Wright Phillips does.

The tricky speedster winger, so very nearly became a Wiganer. Yet instead the lure of bigger money was too much for him. He hasn't had the best of times at QPR since arriving, he hasn't made the impact many hoped he would, yet within that is what will cause Wigan problems.

He is now out to impress a new manager, against a side they have to beat and will want to beat in front of a home crowd. So I would expect him to be looking to get past Figueroa and trying to cut the ball into the middle as much as possible. This has been somewhat of a weakness for Wigan at times.

As for the game, I can see a cagey affair arise, yet if we stay strong and work hard, then we have nothing to fear. We have the players and they have the talent all they have to do it show that they can do it.