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Octobers Player of the Month: Ivan Ramis

A month in which Wigan could have done better, saw one man really make a name for himself. The Spanish defender we thought we had signed as a flop went on to be one of our star performers of the month.

Michael Regan

Ivan Ramis was the winner for October's player of the month award, taking it by a tight margin. Yet the Spanish defender defiantly has been our best player in recent games. I mean who will forget his two goals against West Ham United, they alone make him a worthy winner of this award.

Yet their is a different side to Ramis's game that we are now starting to see, the art of defending. When he first stepped onto a Premier League pitch against Chelsea, we wondered what we had signed. He went too tight to players and wa slow and ended up giving away penalties.

But wait we did, have faith we did, and now the caterpillar that was once their, is now a beautiful butterfly. To put it simply he has become an amazing defender. None gets past him (well easily anyway) and he has really picked up the speed and strengthen needed to play at this level. When he gets the ball he doesn't panic and often disposes of the toughest opponents with the slightest of efforts.

That was shown in his defending against West Ham, were the strong players of Kevin Nolan and Andy Carrol struggled to out muscle or beat Ramis.

So its a job well done, and a job I hope Ivan will keep doing so well at.