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Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur vs Wigan Athletic

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The build up to the weekend game, its going to be a tricky one especially going away to white heart lane. Hopefully none told our boys that Tottenham are a good side.

Mike Hewitt

After crashing out of the League Cup this week (a report on that will be coming your way this weekend), the team will look to bounce back this weekend against a Tottenham side that also lost out in the League Cup. Tottenham have been a team on the up after a poor start to the season where many felt AVB was at it again trying too much too fast.

But maybe this time around he has got the changes spot on. The team started to work together and the mixture of new players and old started to work, while an inform Jermain Defoe showed the way for the rest of the team, and they followed suit. Clint Dempsey now looks like the player he use to at Fulham, and that can and will be dangerous.

So now Wigan have to face the charging Tottenham. They stormed into a 2-0 lead last weekend against Southampton with Defoe and Gareth Bale the two stand out performers, before they collapsed in the second half and managed to hold on to win 2-1 by the skin of their teeth.

Yet at White Hart Lane the Spurs are often a different team. Hard to break down and willing to hit you quick and fast on the counter attack, a form of play that we really can't defend against. Although the improving Ivan Ramis has shown he is contempt at charging back to cover his fellow defenders.

The Spaniard has been one of Wigan's lights of the season. Many West Ham fans laughed at us after his first few games in the Wigan blue. Yet two goals against the London club he nearly joined, and some classy performances, an you see why Martinez was so desperate to get his man. A lot of the things the defender does he makes look effortless.

He will be out key player against Tottenham to keep up with the pacy wingers and block out the moving forwards. Maynor Figueroa must also do the same job on the left hand side to allow Gary Caldwell to sweep up the messes that they leave behind.

Yet that could be hard with an inform Jermain Defoe on the prowl. The striker has scored five goals in the last nine league games for his club. Yet it is his overall play that has been the highlight of his season, linking up well with the players around him and giving them space on the ball to get in on the act.

It could be hard for the Latics defense to keep tabs on the striker. His pace has and still is one of his main assets, it gets him away from defenders and into the box to score goals, and he does that without failure, well most of the time.

Its going to be a tight one, if Wigan start well and we can get on the ball and take Tottenham out of the game then we could win this one of course we could, any game is winnable just as much as it is losable. Just ask them about the game against Bradford City.