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Match Review: Wigan Athletic 0-0 Bradford City (2-4 on Penalties)

The short summary (nothing to say) of the League Cup defeat to Bradford City, as shocking as it was and still is, I have to say something even if it isn't going to be much or pretty.

Michael Regan

Before this game, I was pretty happy with things especially once the line up was out. The team boasted a good mixture of talented fringe players and younger lads looking to break through. Yet that would all soon change, against what would prove to be very tough opponents. This of course was meant to be Wigans night, a dominating performance would lift the confidence and continue our run.

Yet what the fans got (that included me, sat watching on a cold October evening) was a poor display of a dominate team who couldn't score. We looked lost and out of ideas when going forward at times we tried too much, and then others we tried to little.

The defense could not be questioned, although a Ben Watson playing as the main center back did raise some eyebrows. Yet the two Spaniards that flanked him were in total control against the lower league opposition. One of those defenders had the ball in the back of the net, yet Ramis's goal was ruled out for offside, questions had to be asked whether he was or not.

So possesion was Wigan's, yet trying to score was hard. Boselli who had been fluent in the previous round was out of touch and had poor or no service, and the one chance he did get, the Bradford keeper lunged for the ball to stop the Argentinian scoring again.

That would be the summary of our night, good but not good enough. When you look at it Bradford deserved to go through. They worked harder than we did, and were more determined to get through. Yet our players looked lifeless even the younger lads looked a bit shy on the ball.

Frazer Fyvie and Daniel Redmond both made their first senior starts, yet neither of them were very impressive and Redmond in the end was removed from the pitch as he was unable to cope in the left wing back position. While Fyvie was working too hard to be on the ball and force the issue instead of playing the simple ball.

It really was a night of players who didn't try hard enough, or who weren't on form. It was one of those nights.

Yet Bradford were good on the counter when they got the chance. Zabon Hines and Nahki Wells both tried to stretch their legs and force the issue and both forced a couple of good saves from our goalkeeper, yet only one really forced the issue early on in the second half, which nearly saw them take the lead.

As it was even the introduction of Jean Beausejour and Shaun Maloney couldn't stop the inevitable of penalties. They did pull the strings and they did look to create chances, yet neither of them couldn't force the issue.

So up came the penalties and unlike the Bradford players who strode up comfortable and confident, our players looked edgy and nervous. That was why Maloney missed and why Gomez's pathetic penalty was easily saved by Duke (Bradford's keeper).

So the cup run came to an end, and the chance for glory is all over. Yet will we look to win the FA Cup more? Even then we may look to try and consolidate our league form.