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Lee Nicholls Northampton Home

The younger keeper is making big waves at the League Two team, who have leaped at the chance to resign the England under-20 international goalkeeper.

Pete Norton

When asked which player in the Wigan youth system is likely to make the biggest future impact, there are a few names you have to look and go, they could really hack it? The like of Callum McManaman, Roman Golobart, Nouha Dicko and Robert Kiernan all spring to mind, yet there is another player who at the age of 20 is already making big waves.

The man in question is young goalkeeper Lee Nicholls who right from the word go has been a huge talent at the club. Now he has light up the posts for Northampton and when is loan spell was set to end this week, they jumped straight into talks with the club over a possible extension.

They have now got Lee till the end of the current campaign. Both parties seem really happy with the move. The young keeper needs experience and getting it at the League Two club, where Lee has enjoyed his time.

Aidy Bothrooyd, the current Northampton manager, has said he is excited to retain the keeper and looks forward to seeing his continual progress in the side.