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No Anfield for Ali Al Habsi

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Our star keeper had been strongly linked with a move away from the club in January, yet Ali himself sets the story straight on which club he wants to commit his future to.

Michael Regan

When any of your star players are linked away from the club, especially to a bigger one, you start to get worried. To me though Ali going to Liverpool wouldn't work in the first place, as the goalkeeper wants to be looking for an established team if he is to move on from Latics, that however doesn't look like happening.

Ever since his first few tentative saves as a Wigan players, we the fans have fallen in love with our Omani goalkeeper. It came from Bolton and you wonder if that stigma would ever go, yet the keeper who never got the chance at Bolton, showed how good he was with world class performances week in week out.

He still give his all for this team, and we paid top dollar for our man to make sure we got him the following summer. I don't think we want him to ever leave, much like Mike Pollitt never has, keeper tend to be very loyal creatures, and our Ali is no exception.

Speaking to the Wigan Evening Post he said:

"I have said it many times before but I love this football club, I love the fans and I hope to give them much more,"

"I heard about what was said at the weekend, but that kind of thing is not of any importance to me.

"I am very, very happy at Wigan - as has been the case since I first came here.

"I am doing well, my form is coming on with every game I play, and my confidence is very high.

"All I want to do is concentrate on my job here and to help the team, because there is lots of work to be done."

Source: Sky Sports News