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Vote: October's Player of the Month

Getting voting for October's player of the month, who inspired the team on the most and helped us gain four points from the nine available, against three very tough teams. But which player stood out the most, and who deserves to take home this months prize?

Paul Thomas

On paper October looked a good month for Wigan, a game against a team challenging for the top (Everton) would be a hard game but then two winnable matches against Swansea and West Ham United. Yet that was not how it went, instead we saw a beautiful performance by our lads against Everton where we deserved a win, only for Everton to deny us late on.

Then after a break we faced Swansea City. A poor game where Swansea deserved the points, yet a flying foot form Emmerson Boyce made the scoreline look a bit more presentable. That led us to a home tie against West Ham United, this game was a must win, and we did that in style.

Now wait am I missing something here? Ah yes the dismal League Cup turn out, the less said about that the better. Yet still there were some highlights, the magnificent performance of one certain defender.

Ivan Ramis - How times change, when Ivan first walked out in the Premier League we wondered just what we had bought. Yet two months later we now see what Martinez did. Style and quality on the ball mixed with the ability to tackle and intercept the ball in both the air and on the fall, and guess what this lad can score, or did you already know that?

James McCarthy - We have always expected James to be reborn and turn into the midfielder he once was. That is now slowly starting to happen, his dynamic movement on and off the ball is what set him apart from the rest and still does. He has yet to score though, but his overall play has improved massively, but is that surprising when you play under a manager like Martinez.

Shaun Maloney - The man who changed it all last season, and still he impresses. Great control on the ball when under pressure to set players off around him and sneak into the smallest of gaps to take the ball of players in need of help. You would never think that Shaun was originally a striker, he looks more like a box to box midfielder, which he more or less plays in this Wigan side.

Arouna Kone - The man of the match against West Ham for me. It his directness that has changed our whole attacking dynamic. At the start of the season we looked to miss Victor Moses ability to run at players and take them on. Yet he has been replaced by a man who plays a different kind of football, someone who is now the man looking to score goals and creating chances for his striker partner Franco Di Santo.

Don't agree with my choices?

Then comment and let me know, of course give me a reason and your choice can be added to the poll!