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Novembers Player of the Month: Jordi Gomez

A player you would least expect to come and save our bacon did in one game. And for many that has awarded him the man of November. The Spaniard did back it up with three very good games against Manchester City, Newcastle United and Queen’s Park Rangers. However two of them were not in November.

Paul Thomas

Jordi Gomez has always been sort of an enigma. The ability of the man has never been thrown into question and when he plays well, then you understand whey Martinez is such an admirer (as was shown in the second half against Reading). Yet on his bad days Jordi can be very bad.

Lazy, slow and lack of determination are only some of the problems that Jordi shows on a regular basis. But he has last and this season, that when he really needs to, the man can play football; some very good football.

Why not regularly has to be the question? Why isn’t he always laying the ball off and lurking on the edge of the box to blast the ball home. Why isn’t he always chasing the ball and winning tackles before finding the defence splitting pass.

Jordi has shown he can do it, and the cat is out of the bag. The fans only want to see more, so come on Jordi give us some more of the great football you can play!