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FA Grant Permit As Latics Sign Fourth Hondouran

This one could have been a very long drawn out saga. Yet Roberto Martinez wanted his man, and he got exactly what he wanted.


I said last week that this man was set to join Latics, all we needed was for the FA to dot the i's and cross the t's. Well yesterday morning the FA gave the all clear to Roger signing for the club, and in the following day the club then confirmed a deal had been reached and the player would be joining for Latics in the forthcoming transfer window.

Martinez has long been an admirer of the midfielder. It was rumored we were to sign him in the summer, but unfortunately any offers were knocked back as we were told to stump up or go away. So what did we do? Wait for the players contract to run out then take him off them for nothing!

Both parties appear to be very happy about the deal, as we now know we have one new addition to our decreasing squad (we already match last seasons total number of January signings!). So what now? Well Roger will have a couple of weeks to settle in (which is unlikely to be hard with his international room mate, Maynor Figueroa, already being at the club ) before catching up with the squad ahead of the start of January.

Could he feature against Manchester United on the 1st? In theory yes he could. As he would be a free agent as of the 31st, we could have the paper work done with in a couple of hours. But with it being the holidays, I can't imagine the FA rushing it through.

For time being its nice to have a new face in the squad, Roger will join a line of four previous Honduran internationals who have joined the Latics. All four enjoyed good spells with Wigan (Maynor Figueroa still being currently at the club) and I can't see it being any different now.

Below is an interview with Roger talking about his childhood, the influence of his mum, and his journey to playing for his national team. A quick two minute summary which gives you an insight into the new Latic!