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Latics and the Injury Crisis

A 26 man strong squad now reduced with 8 players out injured. Could it get any worse? Well it could, they could all be out for a very long time. I try to piece together just exactly who we can expect back and when.

Antolin Closes in on his return
Antolin Closes in on his return
Stu Forster

It’s been a hard season due to the sheer volume of injuries we have had. None seems able to escape getting injured for us, and it is almost a worry any time one of our players is tackled during a game and we have to hope that they will bounce straight back up.

Last weekend that sadly did not happen, James McCarthy and Adrian Lopez added themselves to the list. It seems to just keep growing. So here I will construct such a list and see when we can expect each of them to make a return to the side.

Gary Caldwell- Gary tried to make his return against Newcastle United. Sadly he only seems to have aggravated the groin injury keeping him out at the moment. The last prognosis was another two to three weeks. Many media areas are talking of a return this weekend, with Gary’s Hamstring though I highly doubt it, a New Year return most likely.

Antolin Alcaraz- Pull, Strain and then the tear (of groin). Antolin must have wondered what he had done to upset someone over the summer, has he has had rotten look since his return to Wigan. Anytime now Antolin shall return, yet it has to be right as not to aggravate and seem him out for an even longer spell.

Ivan Ramis- We saw him against Reading, before he disappeared at half time never to be seen again. The last news was it was only a pull and should be returning to the side in due course, a date hasn’t been set but it wouldn’t surprise me if he featured against Everton on Boxing Day (again media reporting him featuring this weekend, but again I doubt such news).

Adrian Lopez- A definite hamstring tear this one and it could be anywhere between 6-10 weeks that the defender is out for. The sooner the return, the better for the defender who was really coming into his own in the heart of our defence.

James McCarthy- No serious injury, phew. It was worrying as the belief was he had damaged his ankle ligaments, yet the bone only looks to be bruised. The chances of him featuring against Arsenal are slim yet a returning on Boxing Day seems far more likely.

Ben Watson- Broken leg what more can you say. He has now had the cast take on off and I am sure that made Ben feel better. Yet there is unlikely to be no sign of the ginger midfielder to March time.

Albert Crusat- Albert’s knee seems to not want to heal. First it would only be a week. Then two, then four and before you know it, none knows when the winger will be back. The last news I can remember (and find), was Martinez saying he was responding well to treatment. Any good guess to when he will return?

Ryo Miyachi- The man we signed to be some cover for the departing Moses has done a good job of clogging up our treatment room. The few times we saw him he looked outstanding and I was looking forward to his return against Reading. It never came and the winger could still be a couple of weeks away from a return, after recovering from his ankle injury.