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Wigan Post Net Profit of £4.3 Million

Many wonder why we don't spend big, why do we not buy and buy and buy. The fact is we are a small club, with a small infrastructure, a small fan-base and even a small wage bill. Yet it mean we will have a club for all to see in the future, we hope not to follow the likes of Portsmouth.

Richard Heathcote

We were always classed as big spenders in the lower leagues. The wages were smaller, the money needed to buy players less and it could easily be offset by a Chairman making millions by the rise of the lowly Wigan Athletic. Yet since our rise to the Premier League, and especially under Martinez, money as always seemed to be tight.

The fact is the wages have got bigger and the money has been invested to stabilize the club for the long run. The affect? Well we have now posted a profit since our first early steps into the Premier League. A lower wage bill, cheap deals on players and selling our talent for big money all adds up.

This is the true legacy of the Martinez and Whelan reign at Wigan. When Martinez was brought in, his first task was to reduce the wage bill after the excessive spending of Steven Bruce. It may have been Tesco Bruce, but you ware one of the few people who has been in debt with Tesco. Now we are the other side of that, not only has there been a change in playing style, playing staff and general staff we now have a change in our coffers too.

One major fact that helped the change was the turning of debt to equity by Dave Whelan. This in terms meant that he would make all money back in the sale of the club. This reduced our debts from £72.5 million to about £20.5 million according to the figures given by the club.

It was done to attract any interested in buying the club. Dave Whelan has always said he would be willing to sell the club on, and he is trying to make it as sellable as possible. This was also done, by the club remaining the controlling party in the company which holds the stadium.

So for the long term our future looks to be secure. We own now where we play and train. We our cutting our expenses at a reasonable and manageable rate, while trying to make as much of a profit as is possible with a club our size.

Things are looking a bit rosier.