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November's Player of the Month

Its December and you know what that means, its Decembers player of the month vote. Time to have a think who impressed you most in a month which saw us lose more players to injury, than we picked up points. Now there is a happy thought for us to go into December with!

Chris Brunskill

It has been a hard month November we started with a win away at Tottenham Hottspur and all the spirits of the fans lifted and we felt that we could go on and pick up some big points in this month. Now come December we only managed to win one more game, yet eight players down we are struggling to field a team of experienced players let alone pick up points.

Games against West Brom, Liverpool and Manchester City all proved fruitless, even though their were some great performances. But who performed the best for you over a month where much was expected and we got a little back.

Jordi Gomez- He featured in two of our games last month, and scored three goals. All games in a man of the match second half against Reading where we saw glimpses of the man we thought we signed all those years ago. He then followed it up with a solid performance against Manchester City where he did his best to rattle a few international cages; I am glad to report he did rather well.

James McCarthy- Our only first 11 midfielder left standing, James has been a credit to himself. Whoever he players alongside it doesn't matter because he is willing to do whatever jobs are necessary for the success of his team. A devoted worker and a skillful player both on the ball and when trying to win it, he really is the complete package all he is missing is those goals!

Jean Beasejour- The past few games Jean has looked like the player we signed in January. Adventurous going forward, beating players and whipping in beautiful crosses for players to finish. While tracking back deep to help support his defense and start of attacks of our own.

Franco Di Santo- The striker may not have scored this month, yet he still was one of our best performers. His tireless work rate to close down defenders and try to win the ball back is always going to get you a good status with the fans, and Franco takes it seriously. When he came on at half time against Reading his extra dynamic changed the game and allowed Jordi to have a freer role.