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Match Preview: Wigan Athletic vs Queens Park Rangers

A game which will be classed as another six point is heading our way this weekend. This week though it is the turn of another London club to try their luck, this team is QPR who head to the DW Stadium. With a new man at the helm they have still yet to win a game. Now why does that sound ominous?

Bryn Lennon

Games you want to win, games you should win and games you must win. They can all be very different things. In the past week we have played games which have consisted all of the above. Starting with Reading that was a must win, then there was the wan to win against Manchester City, followed up by the should win game against Newcastle United. Only one of them resulted in us collecting three points.

Now we return to a must win game, against a side who has yet to win a game this season. Yet when teams play Wigan things like that tend to happen, have I already mentioned that his season? It is always the same and always happens; it must be built into the club somewhere along the line. But things have to change and we need to start doing it now.

With eight players set to miss the game, a long list which I am really not going to get into. We are a team with limited options and they are getting smaller and smaller by the week. At our current rate we could have no player by the New Year now that would be a crisis.

The line-up this weekend is very much likely to include a young defender in Roman Golobart in it. The Spaniard has been waiting in the wings for his chance to play for Latics, and now it looks like he will get the chance. The back three will be down to our last three defenders, which could be something to worry about if any of them get injured.

Elsewhere we aren’t much healthier. James McArthur is slowly building back up to full fitness, yet he is unlikely to replace a David Jones who has been very impressive. English man jones was a doubt for the past two games with a possible groin strain; any new details have yet to surface if the midfielder has any more problems.

Attacking options are also limited in terms of experienced players. Apart from our three starting players, we only have Callum McManaman and Mauro Boselli to come onto the pitch and make an impact. Both have been used sparingly in the league, but they will both have to step up and put in shifts when they are called to the front.

So what about QPR? Well under Harry Rednapp they have started to rebuild from the ground up. Previously they looked like a side that never trained together let alone were able to play together. Yet slowly but surely they will improve and they have done in Harry’s two games in charge, making them a team is his top priority, along with getting them their first win.

You do wonder why they aren’t doing well with the number of great players that they have I their squad. The truth is that all they are is a group of players. They were brought together too quickly, some of them don’t seem to care if they win or not, so long as they get their pay cheque.

That is one of the reasons it is hard to tell who to watch when you play QPR. Many of our fans moan about our players inconsistencies, and least we can rely on a few to perform every week, QPR have to wait and see who will turn up and be their match day hero!

Guessing who Wigan will have to watch out for will be a hard thing. Many of their players could hurt us, especially with our weakened defence. Even so players like Junior Hoillet, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Djibril Cisse, Adele Tarrabt and Jamie Mackiee. Anyone of those players could hurt us with a combination of pace, talent and an eye for goal.

This will not be an easy game, and I can’t see it being a comfortable one either to watch. Much could happen, and much will happen.

Its time our lads stood up and were counted for once, we need to win home games when they count, especially when you down and people are ready to kick you in the teeth. We now need to put in our best performance of the season, with half a squad against a side that are only looking to go upwards.

Sound very much like something we could do.