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Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Wigan Athletic

Manager Roberto Martinez of Wigan looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Wigan Athletic.
Manager Roberto Martinez of Wigan looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Wigan Athletic.

The word loss, is so used in my house hold, I might as well have it stamped to the door every time I walk in from the football. Yet it wasn't the loss that upset me most yesterday, it was the fact that Wigan were slow and sluggish and really didn't get into the game. Yet nor did we let a Tottenham side over play.

It was a passive performances and the better side came out on top end of. Latics didn't deserve anything, yet I felt we could have and should have got something from the game.

It looked to be going well, as we managed to hold of a strong Tottenham side for over half an hour, we looked okay on the ball, yet at times we looked a bit shy. Maybe overwhelmed and that would be the Latics downfall. We didn't really get out of our half and Tottenham just kept coming back at us.

Allowing players like Bale and Modric time on the ball tells, and five minutes after it being 0-0, Wigan were 2-0 down. First Gareth Bale scored at Ali's near post after a ball had been slipped through to him from Luka Modric. Yet still Wigan didn't wake up, and five minutes later we were punished again.

This time Modric managed to smash the ball home from 18 yards after the ball bounced out of the box to the feet of the midfielder.

Surely this wasn't going to be 9-1 all over again.

Yet as the second half drew on Wigan looked a little bit more resolved but nothing like we have played in previous games. The winter schedule look like it had taken a toll on our players, and also on their ability to play together. The team was un-gelled and nothing like the smooth football we know they can play.

Yet, we started to trouble Tottenham. Victor Moses who has been our best threat all season looking to try and beat players and did most of the time, but was unable to really make any effort on goal, his best effort a low shot into the corner was saved well by Friedel.

It would be the home side who would score though, yet again Gareth Bale having too much time on the ball, before knocking the ball bast Waston and smashing the ball best Ali Al Habsi, who yet again had been busy all game.

It continued with Tottenham bombardment, before James McArthur was able to score. His Strike deflecting of Scot Parker, which looped over Brad Friedel in goal. It gave us some confidence and Wigan could have made it 3-2 had someone manged to get on the end of Ronnie Stam's peach of a ball across the face of the goal.

It was never going to be anything other than a hard game this. Yet the side failed to fight through it. Even a good second half revival was unable to reward them anything. More of the second half performance will be needed in the games to come if we are to get out of the relegation zone.