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Wigan Athletic 1-1 Everton

Ali Al Habsi of Wigan celebrates a goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and Everton at DW Stadium
Ali Al Habsi of Wigan celebrates a goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and Everton at DW Stadium

As I sit here writing this, I would like to say, that Wigan played well and deserved a great point against one of the raising teams. Yet I can't. Nor can I say that we showed great heart and passion to go out and win the three points. So what exactly happened out their today for Wigan?

Many things, which I hope have opened Martinez's eyes to the fact, that maybe he isn't playing it just right currently. The starting line up was the first shock of the day. Jordi Gomez still remained in the line up even though Mohamed Diame was back, while Franco Di Santo would lead the line ahead of everyone else.

Was that a good decision?

Well in the first few minutes of the game, it looked like Martinez had got it more or less on the head. Okay we looked a little bit shaky, but the cold rain and wind weren't helping (a nice hot 0 degrees Celsius). Yet the two players I felt shouldn't be in the squad nearly combined to score. Gomez flicking the ball over the Everton defence for Di Santo to bring down. Only for Howard to stretch and knock the ball away.

Before that, new lad Beasuejour had been getting in on the action, and was working well against Tony Hibbet. The Chilean managed to pull two great balls across the Everton box. The first was cleared away before it reached a free James McCarthy. The other found Ronnie Stam at the back post, before Distan hoofed the ball long.

Yet Wigan weren't having it all their own way. Everton were looking threatening at times. Tim Cahill had their best early chance, yet the Australian couldn't steer his shot towards goal, after being played into space by Darren Gibson. And it was Gibson who arguably had the best chance of the first half.

Baines managing to beat Stam, before wriggling past Emmerson Boyce. Slotted a beautiful ball back into the feet of Mr Gibson. Only for the Ex-united man to put it out for a throwing straight in front of goal. Good recovery by Stam to close him down, but he should have done better.

At half time Everton took Cahill off and brought of Neville to go more defensive in shape. Yet after a mixed opening ten minutes, where neither team could hold onto the ball. Wigan started to push a bit towards the Everton goal.

Now when I say a bit, I mean a bit. None actually had a shot towards goal. Unless you count a stupid attempt from forty yards by Jordi Gomez. The Spaniard had been put through on goal by Moses, who had come alive in the second half, so the Spaniard panicked and shot. Good old Jordi.

It would be Wigan who would go in front. With twenty minutes left, Jean Beausejour manged to work some space wide on the Everton right side. The winger whipped the ball into the box, for it to take a deflection off the knee of Phil Neville, then everything went a bit slow. The ball bounced twice, and seemed to speed up then slow down. Before managing to roll behind Tim Howard who had gone to collect the ball. A soft goal, and Wigan did deserve it.

Only five minutes before, Johnny Heitinga had dived hands up in front of a James McCarthy shot. Clearly blocking it with his arms, yet nothing doing by the referee. And a clear penalty missed by the officials.

Wigan's lead didn't last long. Everton smelling the injustice of going behind acted and Wigan were lucky to get a touch on the ball for the next five minutes. However Everton didn't really make Ali work for it. The closes they came was a tame effort from Donovan which Al Habsi took with ease.

Quick Wigan counter saw, Victor Moses break free into Everton box. Rodallega made a run to his left, and the winger didn't play in his strike partner. Instead the ball was cleared and bounced to Howard, after Moses shot. The ball went down the other end for another spat of Everton pressure and this time they would score.

After their second corner Caldwell only manged to send the ball back out wide. So Baines was able to fire the ball back into the box for freshly on Victor Anichbe to head on the equalizer.

This had the feeling of a game going away from Wigan. Yet they managed to hold on to a 1-1 draw.

It could have been more, it could have been less. At the end of the day with a poor team performances a point doesn't seem so bad. We will have to raise our game if we want something next week from Bolton.