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View From the outside- Refs Stink Edition

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Coming from a supporter of a big club, you'd think I'm used to the the refs giving the club every call that they can? Yes, but the calls at Chelsea were panned world wide. Well unless, you are a Blue, and if you are, well, that stinks for you. After the jump, let's see what the week has for Wigan.

Ah so, the next up for the club is one of my hated clubs. Manchester United, and as an American I'm supposed to love that club, or so the popular thought has it. Could it get any worse for Wigan to stay up? At least they're not Blackburn or Wolves. And by the time this game kicks off Liverpool will have at least pulled a point out of Blackburn, thus dooming them.

But was that mean for Wigan? Well, look at it this way, each match that Wigan isn't involved in, they need to root for the other clubs losing around them. It's kind of like how my club has been this year. But, and here's the big advantage, there's players here who can hit the back of the net, not the woodwork. While, Moses, Di Santo (oh no, an ex-Chelsea youth player), and all the scorers, to which you Latics fans I don't need to enumerate on, have hit. But it's more than just that.

What scares the other teams that don't have their side all together, is how hard it is to play Wigan. They basically, as you lot know, park the bus, hope to nick a point or three and leave. Think about that, how many times has the club gone into the other team's field, nicked a point and the "experts said, how did that happen?" A lot, and that's why going into the end of the season, there's a good shot in staying up.

Then again, playing against Manchester United, you know that the refs will be on the bad side of the game, there will be questionable goals, and there will be Fergie time. Oh and the media will ignore Wigan completely. That's a problem that the rest of the league faces, after all, Manchester United were backed by Murdoch at one time. We won't get into my hatred of Manchester United yet. That's another column.

So all you amazing Wigan fans, I'm Stephen Brandt, I'm a Liverpool fan, and I'm here to be your outside view. As Liverpool fans say YNWA (You Never Walk Alone).